Resurrection Line

Supreme Shampoo – Purity Shampoo – Angel Potion – Miracle Mask – Pure filler – Sublime Oil – Cupido Spray

For very dry, treated and damaged hair.

MY.ORGANICS has a unique solution for dry, treated really ruined hair, as by |ts androgenetic nature, as by decolorations, colorations, wrong treatments, and by smog, chlorine, cleansings with unprofessional products resurrection is the complete restructuring line for the hair fiber, born to regenerate har deeply
and in the long term. It reactivates the primordial beauty of hair thanks to ts precious active ingredients, reinforcing it and making |t stronger, thick and silky. |ts intense anti-age action heals hair giwing it a shiny and bright effect. Your hair will be softer, disciplined and strong. It also gives volume and nourishment and contrasts the formation of free radicals, that are responsible for the hair ageing, preventing the deterioration