Skin scalp purified – Skin balancing preparation – Sebum control – Revitalizing – Exfoliating – Fortifyng conditioner – Salt – Herbs deluxe – Neem – Essential oil

For your body, choose nature.

The aim of this line is to offer a selection of extremely therapeutic products for hair and scalp. My.Scalp is a new trichological line and borns after numerous tests and selections of the best certified and efficient active ingredients that are on the market. The introduction of a protocol based on peeling and application and use of natural biological and guaranteed ingredients as salts, herbs and essential or vegetable oils allows to create focused and specific treatments and to offer an individual and personalized service. The customer will enter a atmosphere full of fragrances and aromas that will spread healthy sensations, remaining fascinated by this new methodology.

My.Organics, through exclusive collections of organic products, offers luxurious services of which every customer that wants to enter this new world of wellnes can benefit, by making healthier choices everyday. The company puts effort into the research and development of safe products with the best available quality, introducing an increasingly high attention to wellness and beauty.